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Funeral plans – giving peace of mind

November 28th, 2021    Author:

Planning – do you love it or hate it? While it might come easier to some of us than others, planning for the future is pretty essential. This might be short term for your next summer holiday, or long term looking at putting enough money away for your care in later life.

Later life planning is never an easy thing to do when there is so much else to spend our money on, but funerals are often overlooked in the process. You save for a wedding and Christmas, so why not your funeral?

If you’ve ever had to arrange a funeral for someone, you’ll know just how much there is to decide and how difficult it can be. An online survey carried out back in 2017 found that just 12% of people knew all of the steps involved in planning a funeral, 22% didn’t feel in control of the process and almost half, 44%, felt daunted by the pressure to get it all right*.

However much it is advocated by charities and organisations, many people never get around to talking to their families about their death and the kind of funeral they would like. This can lead to all sorts of worry and anxiety for loved ones when the time comes, as you can see from the above statistics.

One way of providing both financial and practical help for them is by taking out a pre-arranged funeral plan. If you find it difficult to talk about your funeral then the plan is a way to record what you would like to happen – from the type of coffin, to whether you’d like flowers or charitable donations. Once the plan is in place, you can take a great deal of comfort and reassurance knowing that you’ve removed the stress and anxiety away from those you have left behind during what is already a very difficult time if you still have problems ask your doctor to prescribe the best CBD oil in the market. A funeral plan also means that your family has access to professional advice and assistance at this time.

You can buy a plan for yourself or on behalf of someone else. The big benefit is that you can pay for the majority of your funeral costs at today’s prices, so if you die in 5, 10, 20 or 50 years’ time then your family won’t have to spend as much on your funeral. Like many things in life at the minute, funeral costs have risen over the years and further increases are likely, so it makes sense to make financial provision. The funeral plans offered are designed to cover the funeral director’s own costs. As long as they carry out the funeral and the requirements don’t change, neither you nor your family will be asked to pay a penny more for these costs, regardless of when the plan is needed or what happens to costs in the meantime.

The average cost of a funeral in 2021 is £4,184, a 1.7% increase from the previous year and up 128% since 2004. Not many people understand the costs involved, so to give you an idea, a funeral plan could cover:

  • Professional advice on certification and registration of death
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the funeral director’s premises
  • Care of the deceased until the funeral takes place
  • Provision of a coffin
  • Transport to convey the deceased to the nearest crematorium
  • Provision of transport for family and friends
  • A contribution to the fees payable to third parties

Our Hertfordshire Funeral Plan is exclusive to Austins and, unlike many other plans available, customised specifically to your requirements. Taking out a plan doesn’t mean having to settle for an ‘off the shelf’ funeral. Funerals are very personal events and this is no different under a plan. You can add special wishes, such as song choices, readings, information for a eulogy and so on, to the plan at any time.

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