Austin's Memorial Tribute Films


Filming a funeral or memorial service...

There are many reasons why our funeral filming services are requested.

  • Healing is remembering our loved ones, not trying to forget.
  • For family or friends who live abroad or who are unable to attend.
  • To be able to hear the full details of eulogies, tributes and special things that were said.
  • To listen to the hymns or specially chosen music.
  • Recall the readings or poems that were read.
  • To be able to show young children when they are older why someone was so loved and to explain their special qualities.
  • To recall the colour. design and detail of the carefully chosen floral tributes.
  • To be able to keep a record of the personal cards and messages to read fully in their own time.
  • To keep the shared memories of a loved one alive so along with their legacies they can be cherished forever.
We had never considered the idea of filming the service, until we saw one of Austins tribute films. We understood straight away that its about remembering NOT trying to forget.

Filming during a funeral or memorial service...

We can cover as much or as little of the service as you wish including footage from other important locations such as your loved one’s home, garden, favourite walk or a special place.

We will help you to create a fitting celebration of your loved ones life, their achievements, legacies and the special moments that helped shape their own lives and the lives of the people they loved.

Our tributes team only work within the bereavement sector, so unlike wedding videography or photography they understand the unique challenges of filming funerals and the importance of discretion at all times. This experience along with a genuine desire to help people at such a difficult time, means you will find them understanding and compassionate when dealing with the sensitive nature of bereavement.

We use the highest quality professional production equipment throughout the process, normally filming with 2 cameras so we can sensitivity cut between shots to focus on the celebration of your loved ones life without invading the privacy of the bereaved. We are able to use unmanned cameras should you wish but our filming style is very respectful and sensitive at all times, aiming always to be subtle and unobtrusive. Many people comment that they didn't even notice we were there!

Capturing pristine audio from the readings and eulogies is probably even more important than the filming so we always use separate professional sound equipment to record the whole service. This way we can mix the sound from the eulogies, readings and the address from the minister or priest. This helps to insure that however softly someone speaks the finished audio is crystal clear. Separate audio from any singing or music is then carefully added to create a professional soundtrack that is free from distortion or unwanted noises.

looking back at Mums service we realised how much of the details we missed. Amongst many things, it was lovely to be able to hear the wonderful eulogies that had been so thoughtfully written.

What happens after the service?...

Although we can simply edit the footage from the service at it was, we often spend many hours after the service in post production where we carefully edit the footage to create a personalised tribute to your loved one.

After the service we normally meet with the families again at a suitable time to discuss in more detail how they would like their tribute created. We will discuss ideas and offer suggestions for you to consider.

This is often a good time to go through photos and other keepsakes which are generally edited into the tribute, helping to tell the story of the deceased life and putting things in context. We can include photos of family, friends and special memories and even add old video or film footage. All images are meticulously repaired and restored, repairing old or faded photos to help them look their very best.

The finished tribute will be given to you on a high quality USB memory stick so sharing or creating multiple copies is easy. We can of course supply DVDs if you prefer. We always include a separate file of all your precious photos so they will never fade, get damaged or lost.

A beautiful Church service at St Paul's Letchworth.