Austin's Memorial Tribute Slideshows


Create a beautiful tribute slideshow...

Using carefully selected images we will create a beautiful tribute slideshow to help tell the story of your loved one’s life using pictures and music.

These can be played during the funeral service, memorial service or at the wake and kept as a precious keepsake for future generations to remember a special person.

We thought sorting through all of our photos would be too hard to do but you made the whole process very rewarding. Instead of gathering dust in the loft we now have copies of all our most precious photos that we can easily print and share with family.

Meticulously restored and adjusted so each photo can be displayed looking it's very best, we then professionally and skillfully edit them before setting them to your choice of music.

Our slideshows are displayed on a state of the art crystal clear 70" LDC screen which is easily viewable from all angles without any distracting glare. With no wires or cables we can discreetly play and pause it using a wireless remote. This allows you to have lots of choice in how you wish your tribute to be played.

With all your images digitally adjusted so they can be displayed on the large screen, even old and faded photos will look their best. Most people choose to have a favourite photo of their loved one on the screen throughout the service and at the start of the reflection music, play the tribute slideshow. Typically this involves using 30-40 photos to a single track of music, but this can be tailored to your wishes. You may decide to play two different slideshows at different times of the service or play different images at the end of the service. We can also play video, or a mixture of video and photos if you prefer.

It’s so nice to have a permanent record to remember all the beautiful flowers and messages.

Every client who has a tribute slideshow is given a copy on a USB memory stick along with all their repaired and restored photos which can be easily shared with family and friends.

Austins Floral Tributes photography service is a wonderful way to remember the beautiful floral arrangements and messages that are sent to a loved ones funeral or memorial service.

As part of our Tribute Slideshow service we can restore and repair your most valuable photos.