Austin's Memorial Tributes


Celebrate the life of someone special...

A memorial tribute generally differs to a slideshow or tribute film because they can be made many years after the funeral of a loved one. They may be created using images from the day of the funeral but equally can be created using just photos and music or a mixture of photos and old video or even cine film celebrating the life of someone who passed away many years ago.

They can include comments or testimonial from family friends or relatives and are lovingly created in remembrance of a loved one. Capturing the journey of their life from their earliest years onwards it can incorporate old letters, postcards, even children's paintings and drawings. Special milestones, funny events, achievements and sacrifices and is a wonderful way to leave a lasting record of a special person who will always be remembered.

Parents often talk about their own childhood to their children or recall stories of grandparents and great grandparents. With a memorial tribute you can trace back through a family tree putting names to old photos and documents so future generations will remember the legacies of the family that are sadly no longer with them, or in some cases they have never met.

Despite our initial reservations, we have found the beautiful tribute you created for Mum an invaluable help in the healing.

Living Tributes... People with limited life illnesses

A life-limiting illness is a chronic disease or condition that doesn’t respond to curative treatments, leading to a terminal diagnosis.

Anyone who has visited a hospice will know, far from being depressing and dark, they are incredibly uplifting places where you will find the most amazing people. The staff that work in hospices are very special indeed but you will find equally wonderful patients. Young and old they all have to face living with a limited life illness.

A Living Tribute is a way for a terminally ill patient to record on film important messages or stories to family and friends that can be watched when sadly they have passed away. These can be as long or short as you wish and can be filmed in just one session or over a longer period of time. Most people probably don’t know what to say or where to begin, but don’t worry thats where our specialist team can help. Yes they understand how to capture professional audio and video and they are skillful editors but more importantly they are easy to talk to and compassionate. The key to creating a living tribute is being able to build a genuine relationship on trust and rapport. Committed to working only in the bereavement sector they are always on hand to meet in person. There is no charge or obligation to arrange to meet a member of our friendly team for an initial chat about whether a living tribute is something you might like to make.

A Memorial Tribute Service at St Mary's Church Ashwell.